Aviation Engine Component Repair, Cleaning & Serviceability Inspection

With more than a hundred years of experience in metalworking, Aero Space Power aims to take an emerging position in the component repair area. Our highly experienced team strives to meet the needs of more customers in the world of MRO with its evolving infrastructure. We are constantly expanding our currently available technologies.

We will soon expand our existing experience in cleaning, inspection, non-destructive testing, metalworking, surface treatment, welding, and measurement technology with non-conventional machining, heat treatment, and thermal spraying.

Seals & Honeycomb segments

To ensure the proper airflow, the engines are equipped with sealing components. The geometry and size of the seals…

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Just as the human body needs a vascular network to supply blood circulation, which makes its …

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Blades & Vanes

The Blades and Vanes in the compressor and turbine are essential for ensuring optimal airflow to…

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Engine hardware

Several smaller parts in the engine ensure its proper operation inside and outside the airflow. These small components…

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Spinner Cones (2022)

The rear and front spinner cones play multiple roles in aircraft engines. On the one hand, they ensure that the airflow enters the air duct at a…

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Stationary Seals and Rotating Air Seals (2022)

Honeycomb seals have been used since the inception of the aerospace industry as sealing components to…

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Mechanical Systems (2022)

The engine shafts are supported by bearings. Some of them can support axial and radial loads. Other bearings are cylindrical roller bearings used only for…

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Seals & Honeycomb Segments

To ensure the proper airflow, the engines are equipped with sealing components.

The geometry and size of the seals determine the requirements for the best efficiency. To achieve economic and environmental efficiency for airlines, it is essential to continuously check and maintain these components to ensure the sustainability of the desired efficiency.

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