Aero Space Power Aviation division has been certified as an EASA Part-145 maintenance organisation since September 2019 and was approved by FAA in 2021. In our growing business, we work closely together with our customers as we continue to improve our experience in the metal industry with the technologies needed to repair engine components.

Aviation Engine Component Repair

With more than a hundred years of experience in metalworking, Tungsram aims to…

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Design & Manufacturing

Our machinery plant is equipped with top-tier CNC-controlled automatic…

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Our experts use the latest technologies and the experience gained over…

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Just as the human body needs a vascular network to supply blood circulation, which makes its existence possible, aircraft engines require a similar circulatory system.

It carries vital components that supply air, fuel, oxygen, oil, and various contaminants. Whether made of aluminium, titanium, or steel, these tubes, ducts, hoses, pipes, and manifolds must meet the highest quality standards.

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