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With more than 120 years of experience, Aero Space Power offers unique assets and professional expertise. Aero Space Power is a newly established MRO facility with several years of experience in the power repair industry. We have been working with GE Power for many years, and we signed a long-term service agreement with GE Aviation in 2019.

Owner, President & CEO Tungsram Group

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Aero Space Power is a rapidly growing business unit primarily focused on providing MRO solutions to the Aviation and Power industries. Aero Space Power provides superior manufacturing solutions, extensive engine component overhaul, and repair services to the world’s largest turbine manufacturers and MRO providers.

Aero Space Power intends to strengthen its position in the industrial gas turbine business given the growth potential of this market. This is an important step in securing the future viability of the company.

MRO SERVICES by Aero Space PowerSeveral years of repair experience
Subsidiaries20+ Tungsram subsidiaries globally
SUPPORTCertified and skilled staff

New Tungsram-company is about to conquer the Aviation and Energy MRO industry

Kisvárda – Budapest, 15 December 2021 – Aero Space Power Kft. (Ltd.) is a new company, headquartered in Budapest and with a site in Kisvárda, employing 125 persons. The company dealing with the repair and maintenance of aircraft engines is ready to break into a market with a global turnover of USD 100 billion.

Founders Joerg Bauer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tungsram Group, István Herdon, Owner of Xanga Group, and the general manager of the newly established company, Attila Kürthy signed the agreement on Wednesday which marks the start of business operations of Tungsram Aero Space Power Ltd. The new company is a rapidly growing division of Tungsram Group, specialised in MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul) services for the aviation and energy sectors.

MRO in the aircraft industry represents a turnover of 100 billion USD globally, with a continuous growth potential according to the unanimous assessment of the industry players.

Two other areas accompany this sector: the production of parts for energy industry and renewables. The company employs 125 people (mainly experienced engineers and qualified professionals) in the production hall of the Tungsram Kisvárda plant and aims at those markets. Current partners include GE Aviation, GE Power and GE Renewable.

Aero Space Power is currently the only aircraft engine parts manufacturer in the smaller region, to be certified by both the European and American Aviation Authorities (EASA and FFA). The Kisvárda plant is a regional centre of excellence in welding in Eastern Hungary. In this way, the new profile will be useful for both Hungary and the region, as the activities carried out here have a high added value.

Aero Space Power is already focusing on upcoming milestones such as obtaining CAAC (Chinese Authority of Aviation) certificate.

Kürthy Attila
General Manager of Aero Space Power
Joerg Bauer
President and CEO of Tungsram Group
Herdon István
Owner of Xanga Group

Aviation Engine Component Repair

  • Seals & Honeycomb
  • Tubes
  • Blades & Vanes
  • Engine hardware
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Design & Manufacturing

  • Fabricated Machine Parts
  • Tools & Fixtures
  • Welding Solutions
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Aviation Technologies

  • Cleaning
  • Measurement
  • Welding
  • Heat Treatment
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  • EASA
  • FAA
  • NDT
  • Welding
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