AERO SPACE POWER has been certified!


ASP has been certified as an EASA Part-145 Maintenance Organization since September 2019 with a C7 rating.

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ASP has been approved as an FAA 14 CFR Part 145 Repair Station from March 2021 for Limited Accessories.

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ASP NDT examination organization has been certified for Penetrant Testing PT Level 1 and Level 2 from September 2021.

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Welding certifications

ASP welders have been certified for AWS D17.1 Fusion Welding of Aerospace with the following specifications:

  • AMS 4910 (Ti6AI4V)
  • AMS 5581/Inconel 625
  • AMS 5596/718 INCO
  • AMS 5557/SS
  • AMS 5608 (HS 188)
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ISO 9001: 2015

Our plant in Hajdúböszörmény has been ISO 9001:2015 certified since June 1997.

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MSZ EN ISO 3834-2:2016

Our plant in Hajdúböszörmény has been MSZ EN ISO 3438-2:2016 certified since June 2019.

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Blades & Vanes

The Blades and Vanes in the compressor and turbine are essential for ensuring optimal airflow to maximize performance and efficiency.

To optimize airflow, it is essential …

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